Challenging the system

The fact that we have a corrupt system today is something that no informed person would argue against. Whether it would be our controlled and hardly free corporate media or the banks which control our economies through the banking and monetary system or how about our corrupt politicians which exist in every nations government whether it be the Swedish parliament our the cesspool known as the U.S. congress.

So what happens if  you try to challenge this system?  Well know this if you choose to challenge this system expect opposition and expect it in many different forms everything from somebody mocking you because you believe something that is so contradictory to what this system has indoctrinated them with to police officers harassing you. Also know that you might be labeled with ridiculous labels such as a conspiracy theorist or anti-semite and so on despite you being none of those things.  However don’t allow yourself to be discouraged or intimidated because this system even though it may seem like it is all powerful  is in fact nothing but a house of cards built on lies. Which means it will eventually come down.

The reason it will come down is simply because we are living in the age of information and as a result of that more and more people are becoming aware of how the system works which in term also means that more and more people are standing up against the system than ever before. This will eventually lead to the system collapsing but there is also another reason why the system won´t last and that is quite frankly because it is past what you could call its expiration date.

What i mean by that is simply that economically speaking this system won’t be able to hold up much longer and the fact of the matter is that it´s basically past the point of no return. We are heading towards a economic crash of which is probably going to be of epic proportions and at this point there is no stopping it from happening. Not so much because it technically can not be stopped at this point. There are certainly economic reforms that can be done to stop this crash from happening or at least from being as disastrous as it will most likely be. However there is a political reality that one most consider and when you do that you see who is in charge and who is soon going to be in charge.

Currently in the U.S. which is the where the worlds most powerful central bank The Federal Reserve is located  which is a central player in creating this coming economic disaster. You can see who is in charge on the political level and its Barack Obama and his administration which are there to do nothing but to keep the system in place. And in the coming election the two candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton which by the way have been friends for years despite the bad things they have to say about each other today.

Now I’m not one these guys who think that Trump is part of a conspiracy to get Hillary Clinton elected to president. I just don’t think that Trump having the money and power that he has not to mention huge ego he also has would go and whore himself for the establishment in that way in order to get Hillary Clinton elected. It wouldn’t serve his own self interest to do so.

However that being said i think one should be careful in placing to much faith in Trump because while he is not an establishment crook in the same way as Clinton  which is  just  another business as usual candidate who on top that has already has committed war crimes before entering office. We don’t really see Trump talking about monetary reform which is absolutely what is needed if we are going to be able to stop or at least minimize the damage from the coming economic crash. The closest to thing he has said to anything regarding monetary reform is that the Fed needs to be audited which is definitely a step in the right direction but no enough to fix our economic system.

So as you can see the system is heading towards an economic crash and there is not much to stop it at this point and hoping for some presidential candidate who is going to set things right is quite frankly naive and you are most likely going to be disappointed. With that being said this the most important time ever to challenge the system by informing more and more people about how the system works and organizing groups of people to stand up against the system because the more people that understand how this system works the the less likely it is that the people who run the system will be able to sell us the lies they want once the system has crashed.

Do not think for a second that they will just give up their power after an economic crash on the contrary they will try to clamp down on us the people harder than ever before to try to retain their power and in the process of doing so they will try to sell as all kinds of lies to make us accept a substantial loss in freedom for a false sense of security. We can not let this happens so therefore we most stand up against the system and not let lies and intimidation stop us from doing what is right.







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