The coming crisis: time to prepare

If you have been following world events for the past couple years you might have noticed that the world is heading in a dangerous direction. This of course will  come as no surprise to the people reading this article however what one must understand is that things are starting to reach a critical mass and soon something big will happen. It is not a question of if but rather a question of when and what?

Well what we can see are many different signs of impending danger for one we have several dangerous geopolitical developments everything from the Syrian war were we have the worlds three most powerful nations the United States,China and Russia  involved at different levels of the conflict to the migrant crisis in Europe not to mention the looming economic crisis which seems to be the greatest danger of our time. The reason for that is because unlike for example a nuclear war which we are of course att risk of having too the economic crisis is for sure going to happen and it is only a question of when it is going to  happen and how bad it will be.

If this economic crisis gets bad enough  it can lead to societal collapse which can transform our entire society. The reason our society can be transform as a result of a societal collapse is because people will be brought down to their knee´s and it is not hard to see how that can happen. The fact of the matter is that this modern society we have with the high standard of living that we take for granted is actually very brittle and can easily be disrupted.

As an example of how easily a modern society can be distrupted i am going to use my own country Sweden as an example. Sweden which is a country with one the highest standards of living in the world is also a country that would be very vulnerable during a major crisis.  To give you an understanding of just how vulnerable this country would be in the case of a major crisis such as a societal collapse i am going to give you a list of five things that will happen within the first 5 days that trucks stop coming.

1.Milk and fresh bread finishes

2.Industrial production grinds to a halt

3.Public transportation stops

4.Stores hospitals,schools ,nursing homes run out of food

5.Fuel runs out at gas stations

Source: TYA  which is a swedish organisation within the transportation sector.

As you can see serious problems will occur within the first five days that trucks stop coming so you can just imagine what will happen within the next 10 days ,20 days or even 30 days. People will start starving and getting desperate and one should not underestimate what desperate people will do. If a societal collapse lasts long enough it is going to get ugly out there and if you are not prepared you are going to be in trouble.

In the aftermath of such an event the people will be looking for someone to blame for the crisis and they will also be looking for a way to make sure that something like that never happens again. This is when the very same governments that created the crisis through their bad policies can offer solutions that will be authoritarian in nature and curtail our freedoms which will change our society in a profound way. After such a major crisis people will be a lot more susceptible to big changes even if they are negative and result in a loss of freedom just as they have been in the past.  For two good examples of this just look at how  much the world changed after each one the two world wars of the last century.

This doesn’t mean that we have to accept this as some inevitable outcome because it isn’t however it would be wise for us to prepare for the worst. So it is  a good idea  for all of us  to start storing food and water and start learning about ”prepping” so if a societal collapse comes as a result of the coming economic crisis then we will be prepared and have the means to weather the storm and survive the crisis.





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