Trump vs Clinton: a choice between bad or evil

Now that the presidential election has officially begun we are getting to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go at it against each other at the debates. And as usual the media is very much on Clintons side  and you can see this everywhere whether it is in the american media or in the media here in europe. The latest thing is Donald Trumps ”sexist” comments that  he had made on an open mic back in 2005 were he said among other things

”I did try and fuck her. She was married,” referring to some woman he had hit on.

Now of course this has become  a big deal in the media and even famous actor  Robert De Niro  has spoken out against Trump after this latest thing saying he would like to punch Trump in the face.

Well here is the thing whatever you think about Donald Trump as a person and whatever comments he has made whether it be the latest ones to come out from that open mic recording back in 05 or other comments that he has made that you don’t like we have to look at the facts here about the two candidates and when we do you will see that the facts are actually in Donald Trumps favor.

Yes it is true that Donald Trump may say somethings that people find offensive and he may lie a lot to but guess what Hillary Clinton has been a professional liar for decades and is no more honest than Donald Trump  in fact she is even worse than him when it comes to lying. However it does get a lot worse than that when you look at some of the things she has done over the years both as a lawyer and then later as secretary of state during the Obama administration.

First of as a lawyer she helped a  41 year old rapist more less get of the hook after he had raped a 12 year old girl, thanks to Hillary Clinton he ended up only serving 2 months in prison despite having raped a minor. There is even an audio tape that was leaked in 2014 were she laughs about the suspect in the case passing a polygraph taste. Here is a direct quote from that tape : ”He took a lie detector test! I had him take a polygraph, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs” [laughs] referring to the suspect passing a polygraph test despite being guilty.

This ladies and gentlemen is the kind of  monster that Hillary Clinton is, someone who helps get a rapist and pedophil of the hook and even laughs about it. However it doesn´t end there remember back in 2011 when the US and its allies voted in the UN to bomb Libya in order to protect its civilian population. Guess who was secretary of state at that time and very much involved in that with her role as secretary of state none other than Hillary Clinton.

And what happen in Libya was a war crime a complete act of aggression towards a nation that posed no military threat towards the US and its allies. Despite that they bombed the hell out of that country and helped Terrorists over throw the government and murder its leader Muammar Gaddafi and as result of that Libya has been turned into a extremist hell hole.

Now being that Hillary Clinton was very much part of this in her role as secretary of state she is also a war criminal which would go to jail if she were to be put on trial. So lets think about this for a moment who is worse a loud mouth business man or a war criminal and defender of a rapist? Let that sink in for a moment if you somehow still think that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils because she sure as hell isn’t .




Hillary Clinton’s war crimes are unforgivable. No real progressive could ever support her.

And here is a video about here laughing about what happened to Gaddafi in libya


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