The US election

With ten more days left until the 8th of november  when americans will find out who their next president will be things are looking pretty interesting. For one the FBI just announced that they  are going to be investigating more of Hillary Clintons emails as part of their probe into Clintons use of here private email server. Moreover a recent Abc news/Washington post poll shows that Hillary Clinton only leads Donald Trump by 2 points this means that Trump may actually have a chance to win atleast in theory.

However realistically speaking it is unlikely that Donald Trump will win not because he doesn’t have a chance to  get the enough votes to be able to win but because the establishment won’t let him win. The fact of the matter is that neither the political class nor the power structure that they represent everything from finance to the military industrial complex wants to see trump as president. And with this much at stake there is a good chance that they will cheat the election and if they have to do it through election fraud they will.

This election is also very different from any  election we have seen  in decades if ever because of the fact that you have two candidates that are very different from each other in a way that you almost never see at this level in politics. What makes them so different is that one of the candidates namely Hillary Clinton is a career politician and just a complete establishment hack which really represents the power structures that control america. While the other Candidate Donald Trump has never been actually worked as a politician and if he becomes president it will be the first time he has ever had a job in politics.

What makes this so interesting is that Donald Trump is a wildcard neither us the people nor the political establishment in the US can really know what he is going to do as president. This is what makes this election so interesting because there actually is a possibility that there can be some real change if somehow Donald Trump against all odds were to get in office. This really scares the establishment in the US because at the end of the day a president that they do not control is someone who can do   a lot of damage their system which can result in a both financial loss and loss power for the corrupt political establishment and the power structures they represent.

So lets hope Donald Trump wins the election somehow against all odds because with him there is at least a chance of some real change. Something which will never happen  under a Clinton administration.




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