The US election: Trump Wins

Now that the Us election is has been been over for over a week which resulted in an unexpected victory for presidential candidate now elect Donald J. Trump what comes next? Will we see the big changes in american politics that are very much needed in order to get the country back on track or will there only be minor changes in the system that will att best only put brakes on the collapse of the system. This of course remains to be seen as Donald Trump has no yet served a single day in office.

However Trumps victory was definitely one worth celebrating for many reasons for one it kept the establishment candidate and war criminal Hillary Clinton out of office which is to say the least a good thing. Also it allowed a non establishment candidate to win and win against all odds despite more or less the entire media establishment being against him. Which is something you rarely get to see if ever at that level in politics especially when we are talking about running for Us president where it is always the norm that both candidates are bought and payed for so that no matter who gets in Elites that really run the US get what they want.  Another good thing about Donald Trumps victory is that now we are going to have a US president who is not politically correct which is something that is well needed in a time of PC bullshit such as ”safe spaces”   third wave feminism and so on.

The most important about Donald Trumps victory though is that he is very unlikely to continue the current Administrations policy towards Russia. Which is something that everyone should be happy about no matter what country or political persuasion you are from because the current administration has had a very bad policy towards Russia. Everything from Staging a coup d’etat in Ukraine to even putting sanctions on Russia which are unfortunately still in place. This together with other bad policy decisions towards Russia over the last couple years  has put Washington and Moscow on collision course with each other. Something which would for sure have continued under a Clinton administration and in worse case scenario escalated to world war 3 and a nuclear confrontation.

However likely or not such an escalation would have been is up for debate but rest assure that with Hillary Clinton that was a very real possibility since she would not be backing down and try to pursue better relations with Russia.  Donald trump however has already spoken with Vladimir Putin on the phone after his victory last week. And also Vladimir Putin has already said that russia is ready and wants to restore relations with the U.S. he did this right after Donald Trump had won the election. So between the fact that Trump has not expressed any real interest in going head to head with Russia and the fact that Putin has reached out a hand and they already have spoken on the phone together. It is safe to assume that risk of a third world war is gone as long as Trump is president regardless of that whatever else he will do policy wise foreign or domestic.

So regardless of what you think about Trump you should be happy that the chances of third world war happening  a pretty much gone for now. With that being said we will just have to wait and see what a Trump administration will be like however something tells me its going to be a very interesting 4 years.



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