The Trump administration: What we know so far…

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president hopes are high among a lot of people that voted for him that we might actually see some real change after 8 damaging years of Obama and understandably so. This time the Candidate really is an non establishment candidate that is more or less self funded and so he doesn’t own anything to corporate donors unlike so many presidential candidates from the past and even the candidates who ran against him in the this years election. For example Hillary Clinton which was Donald Trumps rival being a perfect example of this who has received around a million dollars from Goldman Sachs since 1989 and has been part of the establishment for decades.

Now while I will admit that i am someone who like many others celebrated  Donald Trumps Victory two weeks ago and i definitely believe there was good reason to do so. However with that being said we have look at Donald Trumps presidency both critically and objectively and not let him off the hook just because he is none establishment president-elect who kept Hillary Clinton out of office.

We can start of by looking at some of his picks and potential picks for positions in his coming administration. For one we have Steve Bannon a former investment banker for Goldman sachs as economic adviser and then we have Steven Mnuchin a former senior invest professionial for Soros management fund and he also worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years more over  we also have John Paulson former Hedge fund manager for Bear Stearns and a Council on Foreign relations member and last we have Wilbur Ross, Jr a billionaire who ran Rothschild inc. bankruptcy  practice for 25 years. So on the economic side we already have four insiders two of which are Goldman Sachs people and one of which is a CFR member and also we even have someone who has directly worked for the Rothschilds for at least 25 years.

Then if we take a look at the national security/foreign policy side of the coming administration things are little bit interesting there to. For one you already have a Joseph e. Schmitz a former executive at the infamous private military contractor Blackwater as a national security adviser and then you also have Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser which is one of his better picks. Now Michael Flynn who served as the Director of the defense intelligence agency between 2012-2014 and  has called for an end to the bullying games going on between the US and Russia which a very good thing and also he has said that Barack Obama lied about ISIS and that Obamas policy decisions ultimately lead to creation of ISIS. It is also worth mentioning that Michael Flynn has also called for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned. So hopefully Michael Flynn will be someone how will play an essential role in shaping Donald Trumps foreign policy.

Three people who are also worth mention are Rudy Giuliani Former mayor of New York and John Bolton a Neocon and former US ambassador to the United Nations and also Former  Massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney all three are  potential candidates for Secretary of state for the coming administration with Romney being the current favorite for the position. These guys are bad news and very much part of the establishment unfortunately. Then we have Alabama senator Jeff Session which has been appointed to be attorney General and also conservative congressman Mike Pompeo which has been appointed to be CIA director.

Trump has also said that he takes his foreign policy advise from Henry Kissinger which is to say the least worrying.

Now with all this there is definitely reason for concern and we have to be vigilant and as i mentioned earlier we have to look at Trump both critically and objectively. However i do still think that Trump is going to do some good things during the next four years for one there are already signs that relations between Russia and the US will be normalizing which is probably the best thing yet to come from Trumps Win in this years election since the course of Russia and US relations over the last couple years is one that at best would have continued and kept deteriorating relations between the two countries under  4 years of Clinton and at worst would have ended with a third world war. Another good thing that also has happened is that Trump has already pledged that he is going to withdraw the US from the Trans pacific  partnership trade agreement through executive order once he gets into office.

So in conclusion so far we can see both some good signs and some bad signs of what is to come from a Trump administration however at this point it is to early to know what a Trump administration will be like so we will just have to wait and see.










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