2016-2017 a bad time for the globalists

This year has politically been a  very interesting year between both Brexit and Donald Trumps unexpected victory in the US presidential election about 3 weeks ago. These are two very positive things that happened politically this year and they are also both major blows to the globalists. Also things aren’t looking to good for the Globalists when it comes to Syria either since Russia joined the fight last year their so called ”rebels” have taken a lot of casualties and this has continued on in 2016 and any chance of over throwing Assad is pretty much gone for now. So 2016 has been a bad year for the globalists.

With the UK set to start leaving the European Union next year and a non-establishment candidate like Donald Trump  getting into the White house  early next year 2017 may also turn out to be a bad year for the globalists. This however remains to be seen but there are already some good signs for example since  Trump got elected there has already  been indications that US-Russia relations might return to normal instead of a continuation of the frosty relations of the last couple years. Also Donald Trump has said that he is going to withdraw the US from Trans pacific partnership trade agreement through executive order as soon as he gets into office.

We will have to wait and see but from the looks of it 2017 might turn out to be a very interesting year.

Britain EU


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