2016-2017 a bad time for the globalists

This year has politically been a  very interesting year between both Brexit and Donald Trumps unexpected victory in the US presidential election about 3 weeks ago. These are two very positive things that happened politically this year and they are also both major blows to the globalists. Also things aren’t looking to good for the Globalists when it comes to Syria either since Russia joined the fight last year their so called ”rebels” have taken a lot of casualties and this has continued on in 2016 and any chance of over throwing Assad is pretty much gone for now. So 2016 has been a bad year for the globalists.

With the UK set to start leaving the European Union next year and a non-establishment candidate like Donald Trump  getting into the White house  early next year 2017 may also turn out to be a bad year for the globalists. This however remains to be seen but there are already some good signs for example since  Trump got elected there has already  been indications that US-Russia relations might return to normal instead of a continuation of the frosty relations of the last couple years. Also Donald Trump has said that he is going to withdraw the US from Trans pacific partnership trade agreement through executive order as soon as he gets into office.

We will have to wait and see but from the looks of it 2017 might turn out to be a very interesting year.

Britain EU

The Trump administration: What we know so far…

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president hopes are high among a lot of people that voted for him that we might actually see some real change after 8 damaging years of Obama and understandably so. This time the Candidate really is an non establishment candidate that is more or less self funded and so he doesn’t own anything to corporate donors unlike so many presidential candidates from the past and even the candidates who ran against him in the this years election. For example Hillary Clinton which was Donald Trumps rival being a perfect example of this who has received around a million dollars from Goldman Sachs since 1989 and has been part of the establishment for decades.

Now while I will admit that i am someone who like many others celebrated  Donald Trumps Victory two weeks ago and i definitely believe there was good reason to do so. However with that being said we have look at Donald Trumps presidency both critically and objectively and not let him off the hook just because he is none establishment president-elect who kept Hillary Clinton out of office.

We can start of by looking at some of his picks and potential picks for positions in his coming administration. For one we have Steve Bannon a former investment banker for Goldman sachs as economic adviser and then we have Steven Mnuchin a former senior invest professionial for Soros management fund and he also worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years more over  we also have John Paulson former Hedge fund manager for Bear Stearns and a Council on Foreign relations member and last we have Wilbur Ross, Jr a billionaire who ran Rothschild inc. bankruptcy  practice for 25 years. So on the economic side we already have four insiders two of which are Goldman Sachs people and one of which is a CFR member and also we even have someone who has directly worked for the Rothschilds for at least 25 years.

Then if we take a look at the national security/foreign policy side of the coming administration things are little bit interesting there to. For one you already have a Joseph e. Schmitz a former executive at the infamous private military contractor Blackwater as a national security adviser and then you also have Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser which is one of his better picks. Now Michael Flynn who served as the Director of the defense intelligence agency between 2012-2014 and  has called for an end to the bullying games going on between the US and Russia which a very good thing and also he has said that Barack Obama lied about ISIS and that Obamas policy decisions ultimately lead to creation of ISIS. It is also worth mentioning that Michael Flynn has also called for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned. So hopefully Michael Flynn will be someone how will play an essential role in shaping Donald Trumps foreign policy.

Three people who are also worth mention are Rudy Giuliani Former mayor of New York and John Bolton a Neocon and former US ambassador to the United Nations and also Former  Massachusetts governor and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney all three are  potential candidates for Secretary of state for the coming administration with Romney being the current favorite for the position. These guys are bad news and very much part of the establishment unfortunately. Then we have Alabama senator Jeff Session which has been appointed to be attorney General and also conservative congressman Mike Pompeo which has been appointed to be CIA director.

Trump has also said that he takes his foreign policy advise from Henry Kissinger which is to say the least worrying.

Now with all this there is definitely reason for concern and we have to be vigilant and as i mentioned earlier we have to look at Trump both critically and objectively. However i do still think that Trump is going to do some good things during the next four years for one there are already signs that relations between Russia and the US will be normalizing which is probably the best thing yet to come from Trumps Win in this years election since the course of Russia and US relations over the last couple years is one that at best would have continued and kept deteriorating relations between the two countries under  4 years of Clinton and at worst would have ended with a third world war. Another good thing that also has happened is that Trump has already pledged that he is going to withdraw the US from the Trans pacific  partnership trade agreement through executive order once he gets into office.

So in conclusion so far we can see both some good signs and some bad signs of what is to come from a Trump administration however at this point it is to early to know what a Trump administration will be like so we will just have to wait and see.











The US election: Trump Wins

Now that the Us election is has been been over for over a week which resulted in an unexpected victory for presidential candidate now elect Donald J. Trump what comes next? Will we see the big changes in american politics that are very much needed in order to get the country back on track or will there only be minor changes in the system that will att best only put brakes on the collapse of the system. This of course remains to be seen as Donald Trump has no yet served a single day in office.

However Trumps victory was definitely one worth celebrating for many reasons for one it kept the establishment candidate and war criminal Hillary Clinton out of office which is to say the least a good thing. Also it allowed a non establishment candidate to win and win against all odds despite more or less the entire media establishment being against him. Which is something you rarely get to see if ever at that level in politics especially when we are talking about running for Us president where it is always the norm that both candidates are bought and payed for so that no matter who gets in Elites that really run the US get what they want.  Another good thing about Donald Trumps victory is that now we are going to have a US president who is not politically correct which is something that is well needed in a time of PC bullshit such as ”safe spaces”   third wave feminism and so on.

The most important about Donald Trumps victory though is that he is very unlikely to continue the current Administrations policy towards Russia. Which is something that everyone should be happy about no matter what country or political persuasion you are from because the current administration has had a very bad policy towards Russia. Everything from Staging a coup d’etat in Ukraine to even putting sanctions on Russia which are unfortunately still in place. This together with other bad policy decisions towards Russia over the last couple years  has put Washington and Moscow on collision course with each other. Something which would for sure have continued under a Clinton administration and in worse case scenario escalated to world war 3 and a nuclear confrontation.

However likely or not such an escalation would have been is up for debate but rest assure that with Hillary Clinton that was a very real possibility since she would not be backing down and try to pursue better relations with Russia.  Donald trump however has already spoken with Vladimir Putin on the phone after his victory last week. And also Vladimir Putin has already said that russia is ready and wants to restore relations with the U.S. he did this right after Donald Trump had won the election. So between the fact that Trump has not expressed any real interest in going head to head with Russia and the fact that Putin has reached out a hand and they already have spoken on the phone together. It is safe to assume that risk of a third world war is gone as long as Trump is president regardless of that whatever else he will do policy wise foreign or domestic.

So regardless of what you think about Trump you should be happy that the chances of third world war happening  a pretty much gone for now. With that being said we will just have to wait and see what a Trump administration will be like however something tells me its going to be a very interesting 4 years.


The US election

With ten more days left until the 8th of november  when americans will find out who their next president will be things are looking pretty interesting. For one the FBI just announced that they  are going to be investigating more of Hillary Clintons emails as part of their probe into Clintons use of here private email server. Moreover a recent Abc news/Washington post poll shows that Hillary Clinton only leads Donald Trump by 2 points this means that Trump may actually have a chance to win atleast in theory.

However realistically speaking it is unlikely that Donald Trump will win not because he doesn’t have a chance to  get the enough votes to be able to win but because the establishment won’t let him win. The fact of the matter is that neither the political class nor the power structure that they represent everything from finance to the military industrial complex wants to see trump as president. And with this much at stake there is a good chance that they will cheat the election and if they have to do it through election fraud they will.

This election is also very different from any  election we have seen  in decades if ever because of the fact that you have two candidates that are very different from each other in a way that you almost never see at this level in politics. What makes them so different is that one of the candidates namely Hillary Clinton is a career politician and just a complete establishment hack which really represents the power structures that control america. While the other Candidate Donald Trump has never been actually worked as a politician and if he becomes president it will be the first time he has ever had a job in politics.

What makes this so interesting is that Donald Trump is a wildcard neither us the people nor the political establishment in the US can really know what he is going to do as president. This is what makes this election so interesting because there actually is a possibility that there can be some real change if somehow Donald Trump against all odds were to get in office. This really scares the establishment in the US because at the end of the day a president that they do not control is someone who can do   a lot of damage their system which can result in a both financial loss and loss power for the corrupt political establishment and the power structures they represent.

So lets hope Donald Trump wins the election somehow against all odds because with him there is at least a chance of some real change. Something which will never happen  under a Clinton administration.





Trump vs Clinton: a choice between bad or evil

Now that the presidential election has officially begun we are getting to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go at it against each other at the debates. And as usual the media is very much on Clintons side  and you can see this everywhere whether it is in the american media or in the media here in europe. The latest thing is Donald Trumps ”sexist” comments that  he had made on an open mic back in 2005 were he said among other things

”I did try and fuck her. She was married,” referring to some woman he had hit on.

Now of course this has become  a big deal in the media and even famous actor  Robert De Niro  has spoken out against Trump after this latest thing saying he would like to punch Trump in the face.

Well here is the thing whatever you think about Donald Trump as a person and whatever comments he has made whether it be the latest ones to come out from that open mic recording back in 05 or other comments that he has made that you don’t like we have to look at the facts here about the two candidates and when we do you will see that the facts are actually in Donald Trumps favor.

Yes it is true that Donald Trump may say somethings that people find offensive and he may lie a lot to but guess what Hillary Clinton has been a professional liar for decades and is no more honest than Donald Trump  in fact she is even worse than him when it comes to lying. However it does get a lot worse than that when you look at some of the things she has done over the years both as a lawyer and then later as secretary of state during the Obama administration.

First of as a lawyer she helped a  41 year old rapist more less get of the hook after he had raped a 12 year old girl, thanks to Hillary Clinton he ended up only serving 2 months in prison despite having raped a minor. There is even an audio tape that was leaked in 2014 were she laughs about the suspect in the case passing a polygraph taste. Here is a direct quote from that tape : ”He took a lie detector test! I had him take a polygraph, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs” [laughs] referring to the suspect passing a polygraph test despite being guilty.

This ladies and gentlemen is the kind of  monster that Hillary Clinton is, someone who helps get a rapist and pedophil of the hook and even laughs about it. However it doesn´t end there remember back in 2011 when the US and its allies voted in the UN to bomb Libya in order to protect its civilian population. Guess who was secretary of state at that time and very much involved in that with her role as secretary of state none other than Hillary Clinton.

And what happen in Libya was a war crime a complete act of aggression towards a nation that posed no military threat towards the US and its allies. Despite that they bombed the hell out of that country and helped Terrorists over throw the government and murder its leader Muammar Gaddafi and as result of that Libya has been turned into a extremist hell hole.

Now being that Hillary Clinton was very much part of this in her role as secretary of state she is also a war criminal which would go to jail if she were to be put on trial. So lets think about this for a moment who is worse a loud mouth business man or a war criminal and defender of a rapist? Let that sink in for a moment if you somehow still think that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils because she sure as hell isn’t .






Hillary Clinton’s war crimes are unforgivable. No real progressive could ever support her.

And here is a video about here laughing about what happened to Gaddafi in libya

9/11 fifteen years later

Last sunday was  the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks which changed the world in a profound way. Never before had the west experienced an attack of such magnitude during peace time. This was something new and unprecedented which shocked the whole world. In the Aftermath of 9/11 people were shocked and horrified over what had just happened and many feared that more attacks would come.

However while the people were horrified the neocons in Washington saw an opportunity to set things in motion and so they did. The leadership in the white house wasn’t concerned about the fact that almost 3000 thousand people had lost their lives instead they were concerned about how they were going to launch the wars that they wanted. This was of course easy because selling the idea of going after the people behind the 9/11 attacks in the aftermath of 9/11 was an easy sell and the people bought it hook line and sinker. Suddenly the US together with its allies were in Afghanistan and roughly a year and a half later the US was in Iraq which even according to the official story of 9/11 wasn’t involved in the attacks. Also in 2002 the US would for the first time ever get a ministry of interior which would be called The department of homeland security and already in october of 2001 about a month after the attacks the US patriot act was passed in congress which would curtail certain parts of the US bill of rights.

All this to supposedly to combat terrorism and to keep the America safe. However the fact of the matter is that as a result of this so called war on terror there has actually been an net increase of terrorism in the world and neither America or the rest of the world is any safer today than it was before the war on terror in fact it is far more dangerous today than it was before the war on terror.  The war on terror itself is a massive state-terrorism campaign that has destabilized several nations and resulted in the deaths of over a million people so it should come as no surprise that it has had the opposite effect that it officially was intended to have.

Back to the 9/11 itself we know now what very few people knew then and that is the the official story is a lie. We know that the whole idea of 19 islamic hijackers armed with box cutters and lead by a man bearded man in a cave in Afghanistan could not possible have carried out such and attack let alone without the help of various intelligence agencies. Moreover we even have 2640 architects and engineers challenge the official story by question the whole idea of the 3 main building on 9/11 that came that down that day supposedly from fire and structural damage one of which was not even hit by an airliner. Also there are good documentaries on 9/11 which show compelling evidence for the official story being a lie and the attack being a false flag attack and with the redacted 28 pages from the 9/11 commission report released in mid july this year there is even evidence of a indirect link between the 9/11 attacks and saudi royal Bandar bin sultan.

So while the lie about the 9/11 attacks may still be believed to a large extent by the public that is something that is changing more and more by the day in the light of all the evidence that has come out during the years after those horrific attacks. So it is only a matter of time until that lie will not hold up to the public anymore.

I have linked two good 9/11 documentaries below one of which is more focused on the pentagon attacks and the other of which is more comprehensive and covers more than just the pentagon attacks both of them have interesting information which some of you may not have known about even if you have researched 9/11 before.





A more comprehensive documentary by activist Ryan Dawson.




A smaller documentary by citizen investigation team focused on the pentagon attacks.



The coming crisis: time to prepare

If you have been following world events for the past couple years you might have noticed that the world is heading in a dangerous direction. This of course will  come as no surprise to the people reading this article however what one must understand is that things are starting to reach a critical mass and soon something big will happen. It is not a question of if but rather a question of when and what?

Well what we can see are many different signs of impending danger for one we have several dangerous geopolitical developments everything from the Syrian war were we have the worlds three most powerful nations the United States,China and Russia  involved at different levels of the conflict to the migrant crisis in Europe not to mention the looming economic crisis which seems to be the greatest danger of our time. The reason for that is because unlike for example a nuclear war which we are of course att risk of having too the economic crisis is for sure going to happen and it is only a question of when it is going to  happen and how bad it will be.

If this economic crisis gets bad enough  it can lead to societal collapse which can transform our entire society. The reason our society can be transform as a result of a societal collapse is because people will be brought down to their knee´s and it is not hard to see how that can happen. The fact of the matter is that this modern society we have with the high standard of living that we take for granted is actually very brittle and can easily be disrupted.

As an example of how easily a modern society can be distrupted i am going to use my own country Sweden as an example. Sweden which is a country with one the highest standards of living in the world is also a country that would be very vulnerable during a major crisis.  To give you an understanding of just how vulnerable this country would be in the case of a major crisis such as a societal collapse i am going to give you a list of five things that will happen within the first 5 days that trucks stop coming.

1.Milk and fresh bread finishes

2.Industrial production grinds to a halt

3.Public transportation stops

4.Stores hospitals,schools ,nursing homes run out of food

5.Fuel runs out at gas stations

Source: TYA  which is a swedish organisation within the transportation sector.

As you can see serious problems will occur within the first five days that trucks stop coming so you can just imagine what will happen within the next 10 days ,20 days or even 30 days. People will start starving and getting desperate and one should not underestimate what desperate people will do. If a societal collapse lasts long enough it is going to get ugly out there and if you are not prepared you are going to be in trouble.

In the aftermath of such an event the people will be looking for someone to blame for the crisis and they will also be looking for a way to make sure that something like that never happens again. This is when the very same governments that created the crisis through their bad policies can offer solutions that will be authoritarian in nature and curtail our freedoms which will change our society in a profound way. After such a major crisis people will be a lot more susceptible to big changes even if they are negative and result in a loss of freedom just as they have been in the past.  For two good examples of this just look at how  much the world changed after each one the two world wars of the last century.

This doesn’t mean that we have to accept this as some inevitable outcome because it isn’t however it would be wise for us to prepare for the worst. So it is  a good idea  for all of us  to start storing food and water and start learning about ”prepping” so if a societal collapse comes as a result of the coming economic crisis then we will be prepared and have the means to weather the storm and survive the crisis.




Challenging the system

The fact that we have a corrupt system today is something that no informed person would argue against. Whether it would be our controlled and hardly free corporate media or the banks which control our economies through the banking and monetary system or how about our corrupt politicians which exist in every nations government whether it be the Swedish parliament our the cesspool known as the U.S. congress.

So what happens if  you try to challenge this system?  Well know this if you choose to challenge this system expect opposition and expect it in many different forms everything from somebody mocking you because you believe something that is so contradictory to what this system has indoctrinated them with to police officers harassing you. Also know that you might be labeled with ridiculous labels such as a conspiracy theorist or anti-semite and so on despite you being none of those things.  However don’t allow yourself to be discouraged or intimidated because this system even though it may seem like it is all powerful  is in fact nothing but a house of cards built on lies. Which means it will eventually come down.

The reason it will come down is simply because we are living in the age of information and as a result of that more and more people are becoming aware of how the system works which in term also means that more and more people are standing up against the system than ever before. This will eventually lead to the system collapsing but there is also another reason why the system won´t last and that is quite frankly because it is past what you could call its expiration date.

What i mean by that is simply that economically speaking this system won’t be able to hold up much longer and the fact of the matter is that it´s basically past the point of no return. We are heading towards a economic crash of which is probably going to be of epic proportions and at this point there is no stopping it from happening. Not so much because it technically can not be stopped at this point. There are certainly economic reforms that can be done to stop this crash from happening or at least from being as disastrous as it will most likely be. However there is a political reality that one most consider and when you do that you see who is in charge and who is soon going to be in charge.

Currently in the U.S. which is the where the worlds most powerful central bank The Federal Reserve is located  which is a central player in creating this coming economic disaster. You can see who is in charge on the political level and its Barack Obama and his administration which are there to do nothing but to keep the system in place. And in the coming election the two candidates are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton which by the way have been friends for years despite the bad things they have to say about each other today.

Now I’m not one these guys who think that Trump is part of a conspiracy to get Hillary Clinton elected to president. I just don’t think that Trump having the money and power that he has not to mention huge ego he also has would go and whore himself for the establishment in that way in order to get Hillary Clinton elected. It wouldn’t serve his own self interest to do so.

However that being said i think one should be careful in placing to much faith in Trump because while he is not an establishment crook in the same way as Clinton  which is  just  another business as usual candidate who on top that has already has committed war crimes before entering office. We don’t really see Trump talking about monetary reform which is absolutely what is needed if we are going to be able to stop or at least minimize the damage from the coming economic crash. The closest to thing he has said to anything regarding monetary reform is that the Fed needs to be audited which is definitely a step in the right direction but no enough to fix our economic system.

So as you can see the system is heading towards an economic crash and there is not much to stop it at this point and hoping for some presidential candidate who is going to set things right is quite frankly naive and you are most likely going to be disappointed. With that being said this the most important time ever to challenge the system by informing more and more people about how the system works and organizing groups of people to stand up against the system because the more people that understand how this system works the the less likely it is that the people who run the system will be able to sell us the lies they want once the system has crashed.

Do not think for a second that they will just give up their power after an economic crash on the contrary they will try to clamp down on us the people harder than ever before to try to retain their power and in the process of doing so they will try to sell as all kinds of lies to make us accept a substantial loss in freedom for a false sense of security. We can not let this happens so therefore we most stand up against the system and not let lies and intimidation stop us from doing what is right.






Bilderberg 2016: Polis trakasserier utan dess like

I år så hölls det årliga Bilderbergmötet i Dresden, Tyskland. Som vanligt så varade mötet i fyra dagar den här gången mellan den 9-12 juni. Bland gästerna fanns allt från regelbundna gäster så som Jacob Wallenberg, Henry Kissinger och Henry Kravis varav både Wallenberg och Kravis är styrelsemedlemmar i Bilderberg, men även nykomlingar så som amerikanska senatorn Lindsay Graham och våran egna finansminister Magdalena Andersson.

Det som skiljde årets Bilderbergmötet från många tidigare möten var polistrakasserierna . Att det kommer förekommer lite polistrakasserier vid ett Bilderbergmöte är något man förväntar sig som Journalist eller aktivist jag själv råkade ut för två ID kontroll när jag var i Köpenhamn utanför Marriot hotellet var konferensen hölls det året men sen blev det inget mer. Men i Tyskland så har det varit något helt annat och totalt har jag utsatts för 6st ID kontroller varav 2 st var jag tvungen att tömma innehållet av både min ryggsäck och byxfickor dessutom så på dom två sista kontrollerna som skedde av kpist beväpnade poliser på flygplatsen var jag tvungen att visa mitt Pass och sista gången till och med min flygbiljett.

Men dom trakasserier som jag och dom flesta aktivister utsattes för var ingenting jämfört med vad dom mer kända journalisterna  inom alternativ media utsattes för. Så som Luke Rudkowski och Dan dicks. Redan dagen innan konferensen så såg jag att polisen stog och snackade med Luke Rudkowski och att dom hade tvingat honom att lägga alla sina tillhörigheter på marken framför sig så jag gick fram  till dom och undrade vad det var frågan om. Då ville dom plötsligt att jag skulle tömma båda mina ryggsäck och byxfickor på allt innehåll och dessutom ville dom se mitt id kort. Efter dom kikat lite på mitt och Luke´s id kort så sa dom att de ville se våra pass. Jag visste att jag inte hade  med mig mitt pass då det var kvar på hotellet men samtidigt visste jag att det var skitsnack så jag stog på mig trots att både jag och Luke blev hotade med att bli bötfällda för att vi inte hade våra pass. Det hela slutade med att jag fick tillbaka mitt id kort efter en stund och slapp böter men blev tillsagd av en arg polis att jag han inte ville se mig någonstans i närhet av Bilderberg konferensen.

Men för Luke så slutade det värre dock han fick stå kvar där och senare gick polisen med honom upp till hans hotell rum och  sökte igenom hans rum  i över en timma och bland annat gick igenom hans kompis dator  och allt detta gjordes utan husrannsakan eller misstanke om brott. Nästa dag så var det dags för polisen att trakassera ytterligare än känd journalist inom alternativ media en kanadensisk journalist som heter Dan Dicks som driver youtube kanalen Press for Truth.

När Dan dicks och Luke Rudkowski samt några aktivister var på flygplatsen för att försöka filma och ta foton av inkommande Bilderberg deltagare så blev Dan Dicks konfronterad av polisen. Då ville dom se hans pass och så sa  dom att dom visste vem han var och dessutom informerade honom om att varje gång någon polis ser honom så kommer dom att vilja se hans ID. Sen som om dessa trakasserier inte var nog så hotades han med att bli stämd om han laddade upp videon av ID kontrollen på youtube.

Så med alla dessa trakasserier av både journalister och aktivister så måste man fråga sig varför ? Vad är poäng i att trakassera journalister och aktivister om allt som pågår på Bilderberg är bara en vanlig konferens? Varför ha ett så stort säkerhets pådrag varje gång om det ändå bara är en vanlig konferens?

Är Bilderberg bara en vanlig konferens eller är det något mer döm för dig själv. Men kom ihåg att handlingar talar högre än ord och med den typ av säkerhets pådrag och paranoia man ser  vid ett Bilderbergmöte så finns det anledning att undra vad som egentligen snackas om där inne som är så viktigt att det absolut inte får komma ut.